Daily update | 01 November, 2021




How to Start Writing for Data Science

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Author: Natassha Selvaraj
Claps: 289
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: Create an impressive portfolio by publishing your work

Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning: What’s the difference?

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Author: Christopher Zita
Claps: 271
Source: data-science
Description: Diving into the difference between the 2 largest data science methods

5 Most Reliable Functions You Should Know in Python Programming

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Author: Suraj Gurav
Claps: 221
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: Python Functions increase your productivity, keep your code clean, clear, and short!

Filter a Pandas DataFrame by a Partial String or Pattern in 8 Ways

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Author: Susan Maina
Claps: 188
Source: machine-learning
Description: How to inspect a DataFrame and return only the desired rows


Statistical significance or Hypothesis testing?

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Source: stats
Views: 76
Score: 6
Tags: hypothesis-testing statistical-significance definition

ResNet50 + Transformer

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Source: datascience
Views: 67
Score: 3
Tags: tensorflow cnn image-classification feature-extraction transformer

Kruskal-Walis interpretation with too many outliers and "0" values

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Source: stats
Views: 13
Score: 2
Tags: dataset kruskal-wallis-test

Left censored index date during survival analysis

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Source: stats
Views: 7
Score: 2
Tags: survival

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