Daily update | 06 November, 2021




Orchestrate a Data Science Project in Python With Prefect

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Author: Khuyen Tran
Claps: 672
Source: data-science
Description: Optimize Your Data Science Workflow in a Few Lines of Code

How to ship a machine learning model in days not months?

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Author: Adrien Giraud
Claps: 187
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: In this article, you’ll learn how we quickly delivered a machine learning based API called by our product along with some tips to enhance…

Recommender systems: When they fail, who are you gonna call?

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Author: Canva Engineering
Claps: 166
Source: machine-learning
Description: How we deal with potential problems when running Canva’s recommendation system

My First R&D project as an intern at 99x

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Author: Nazhim Kalam
Claps: 121
Source: data-science
Description: Research and Development project

3 Features of Python Matplotlib That Make Data Visualizations More Appealing and Informative

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Author: Soner Yıldırım
Claps: 87
Source: data-science
Description: How you show is just as important as what you show.


What is it called when an experimenter discards results that are too unexpected?

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Source: stats
Views: 1577
Score: 10
Tags: experiment-design terminology selection-bias fallacy

Comparing model evaluations of machine learning and statistics

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Source: stats
Views: 311
Score: 7
Tags: machine-learning hypothesis-testing statistical-significance cross-validation

Variance of a function of a random variable as function of the original variable

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Source: stats
Views: 112
Score: 5
Tags: probability variance data-transformation random-variable

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