Daily update | 07 November, 2021




The Best of Programming on Medium (October 2021)

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Author: Anupam Chugh
Claps: 300
Source: data-science
Description: Our favorite stories that were published last month

Getting Started with Python Virtual Environments

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Author: Jake Manger
Claps: 155
Source: data-science
Description: A short guide to avoid conflicts between python projects

When data science goes with the flow: insitro introduces redun

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Author: insitro
Claps: 84
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: Today, insitro is open sourcing a new data science tool called redun, purpose-built for complex, rapidly evolving scientific workflows…

Being Specific about the (Virtual) World We are Building

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Author: Owen Mahoney
Claps: 64
Source: machine-learning
Description: 日本語版は下にスクロールしてください

Convolutional Neural Network: Good Understanding of the Layers and an Image Classification Example

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Author: Rashida Nasrin Sucky
Claps: 23
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: Packed with a lot of Information


Maximum matching with social distancing

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Source: cs
Views: 49
Score: 9
Tags: graphs linear-programming matching

Covariance of random sums

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Source: stats
Views: 181
Score: 6
Tags: covariance

What is the frequentist interpretation of uncertainty vs. variability?

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Source: stats
Views: 105
Score: 5
Tags: probability interpretation uncertainty frequentist variability

Predicting moving median using incremental learning

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Source: stats
Views: 14
Score: 3
Tags: machine-learning median moving-average

Classification when the classification of the previous itens matter

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Source: datascience
Views: 74
Score: 3
Tags: machine-learning classification machine-learning-model text-classification sequence

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