Daily update | 12 November, 2021




Identifying the Right Classification Metric for Your Task

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Author: Abhishek Mungoli
Claps: 170
Source: machine-learning
Description: Guide for choosing the classification metric for a business problem

New Time Series with PyCaret

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Author: Matt Przybyla
Claps: 157
Source: machine-learning
Description: Tutorial for beta version - easily perform forecasting

The Future is in Question for Data Scientists

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Author: Christopher Zita
Claps: 143
Source: machine-learning
Description: Can Data Scientists keep up with the ever-changing landscape of data

Data Engineering: Create your own Dataset

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Author: Patrick Brus
Claps: 114
Source: machine-learning
Description: How to use Python and an Extract Transform Load Pipeline to create your own Dataset

Predicting Football Match Result using Poisson Distribution

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Author: Ibrahim Kovan
Claps: 101
Source: data-science
Description: Exploring Poisson distribution and predicting Galatasaray vs Fenerbahce match result using it with python implementation


Why is copy speed periodic? (or seems to be)

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Source: cs
Views: 1567
Score: 6
Tags: operating-systems

How to evaluate the similarity of two columns containing strings?

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Source: datascience
Views: 63
Score: 5
Tags: text text-processing

Is my understanding of the Metropolis sampling algorithm correct?

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Source: stats
Views: 242
Score: 4
Tags: bayesian sampling markov-chain-montecarlo

When do I need something "fancier" than multiple regression?

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Source: stats
Views: 126
Score: 3
Tags: regression multiple-regression inference

Why can't I use a polynomial-time reduction for proving P-completeness?

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Source: cs
Views: 155
Score: 2
Tags: complexity-theory turing-machines reductions

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