Daily update | 22 November, 2021




100X Metaverse Coin Powered By The Solana

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Author: Frederick Irwin
Claps: 337
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: This Metaverse coin set to explode in Q4 with Solana Support.

Python Named Tuple: What, How and When to Use

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Author: Christopher Tao
Claps: 219
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: Recipes of Python Named Tuple and why we should use it

Want to Stand Out as a Data Scientist? Start Practicing These Non-Technical Skills

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Author: Jason Chong
Claps: 123
Source: data-science
Description: Being good at coding is simply not enough

Finding why Pytorch Lightning made my training 4x slower.

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Author: Florian Ernst
Claps: 102
Source: machine-learning
Description: 🤔 What happened?

Setting up Apple’s new M1 MacBooks for Machine Learning

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Author: Pascal Janetzky
Claps: 101
Source: data-science
Description: From virtual environments to PyCharm


Does including gender as a predictor variable mean I should use a glm function, not an lm function, in R?

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Source: stats
Views: 904
Score: 7
Tags: r generalized-linear-model linear-model

Good classifiers when having many labels

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Source: datascience
Views: 435
Score: 4
Tags: classification methods

Derive backpropagation for PreLU

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Source: datascience
Views: 14
Score: 2
Tags: neural-network backpropagation activation-function

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