Daily update | 07 December, 2021




Brief Guide for Machine Learning Model Selection

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Author: Youssef Hosni
Claps: 155
Source: data-science
Description: The secret methods to choose the best machine learning model for your problem in seven steps

Is SpaceX About To Go Bankrupt?

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Author: Will Lockett
Claps: 100
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: Is Starship a step too far?

Analysing Interactions with SHAP

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Author: Conor O'Sullivan
Claps: 73
Source: data-science
Description: Using the SHAP Python package to identify and visualise interactions in your data

Understanding principle component analysis (PCA) — From scratch!

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Author: Hrithick Sen
Claps: 57
Source: data-science
Description: Principle component analysis is the most basic and simple dimensionality reduction technique in data science and machine learning. Using…

The future bank that you should never miss out!

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Author: Lu Lucine
Claps: 52
Source: data-science
Description: The future banking is on the road!you should never miss it out! Meanfi,the revolutionary blockchain banking system will surely be the next…


Finding category with maximum likelihood method

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Source: stats
Views: 60
Score: 6
Tags: maximum-likelihood

Negative predicted probabilities with XGBRegressor

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Source: stats
Views: 20
Score: 2
Tags: python boosting

Is this set covering problem NP-Hard?

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Source: cs
Views: 17
Score: 2
Tags: np-complete np-hard sets subset-sum

Structural topic modeling - compare groups (issue ranking)

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Source: stats
Views: 8
Score: 1
Tags: topic-models

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