Daily update | 25 December, 2021




Improve your Model Performance with Auto-Encoders

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Author: Satyam Kumar
Claps: 38
Source: data-science
Description: Use Autoencoders as a Feature Extractor

Linear Programming with a small example with gurobipy

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Author: Vitomir Jovanović
Claps: 30
Source: machine-learning
Description: Linear programming is an optimization technique for a system of linear constraints and a linear objective function. An objective function…

What Are the Prevailing Explainability Methods?

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Author: Aparna Dhinakaran
Claps: 15
Source: machine-learning
Description: Welcome to “The Slice,” a new blog series that explains the essence of ML concepts

Data will be there for you like it’s been there before

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Author: Janani
Claps: 11
Source: data-science
Description: An extensive data analysis, which validates and explores the humongous fan base of one of the best sitcom series ever — ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’

Can you trust your model when data shifts?

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Author: Laura Gorrieri
Claps: 10
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: In real-case applications, machine learning is not as common as we would expect: let’s explore why.


Can I use a Mann-Whitney U Test with a very small sample?

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Source: stats
Views: 116
Score: 4
Tags: hypothesis-testing nonparametric sample-size wilcoxon-mann-whitney-test

What are the downsides of ARIMA models?

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Source: stats
Views: 27
Score: 3
Tags: time-series arima autocorrelation stochastic-processes

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