Daily update | 29 December, 2021




22 Habits to Become a Better Data Scientist in 2022

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Author: Frank Andrade
Claps: 252
Source: data-science
Description: I learned these 22 habits from successful data scientists. Use them to become one of them.

My 2021 in Review

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Author: Ivy Barley
Claps: 185
Source: data-science
Description: This is the first time I’m recapping my year to the public. What I usually do is to reflect on what went right and wrong in the year just…

The New Normality of Architecture

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Author: Dariusz Gross #DATAsculptor
Claps: 160
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: The Paradox of Inefficiency

How to be a Data Analyst 101

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Author: Rkulka14
Claps: 70
Source: data-science
Description: Data Scientist, or Data Analytics has become a hot topic and I can definitely say that it is the job of the century.

The secret to successful monitoring

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Author: Itai Bar Sinai
Claps: 28
Source: machine-learning
Description: Get granular, but avoid noise


Sampling Normal variables with linear constraints and given variances - Fraser (1951)

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Source: stats
Views: 79
Score: 5
Tags: probability bayesian mathematical-statistics

Optimization problem with discrete and continuous components

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Source: cs
Views: 53
Score: 4
Tags: optimization np-complete linear-algebra integer-partitions

A linear pattern occurs on my residual plot: what can I do?

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Source: stats
Views: 349
Score: 3
Tags: regression residuals multicollinearity normality-assumption nonlinearity

How is time series analysis a different problem than forecasting?

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Source: stats
Views: 18
Score: 2
Tags: time-series forecasting

Understand the illustration of the curse of dimensionality?

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Source: stats
Views: 38
Score: 2
Tags: machine-learning high-dimensional

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