Daily update | 01 January, 2022




Mindplex — SingularityNET Ecosystem Roadmap End-of-Year Review Series #5

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Author: Haley Lowy
Claps: 122
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: Mindplex is developing a media platform and AI accessories to decentralize and democratize media — read & watch the 2021 End of Year Update

Decoding the Top 10 Data Science Jargons For Beginners (Commonly Asked In Interviews)

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Author: Sharan Kumar Ravindran
Claps: 73
Source: data-science
Description: Explanation In Simple English With References

Counterfactuals for Reinforcement Learning I: “What if… ?”

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Author: Felix Hofstätter
Claps: 30
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: Introduction to the POMDP framework and counterfactuals

TrueAGI — SingularityNET Ecosystem Roadmap End-of-Year Review Series #6

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Author: Haley Lowy
Claps: 26
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: TrueAGI provides an evolutionary approach to AGI-as-a-Service, beyond the narrow AI paradigm. Check our the exciting end-of-year 2021…

Machine Learning Using R (with Caret and Ellipse)

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Author: Amalia Rizqi Cahyani
Claps: 22
Source: machine-learning
Description: Hai, Data Enthusiast!


Categorical to One hot encoding - Big data

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Source: datascience
Views: 70
Score: 3
Tags: machine-learning deep-learning classification feature-selection categorical-data

Why is tail recursion better than regular recursion?

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Source: cs
Views: 701
Score: 3
Tags: recursion tail-recursion

Why is $E_{LBA}$ undecidable if $A_{LBA}$ is decidable

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Source: cs
Views: 11
Score: 2
Tags: undecidability linear-bounded-automata

Can "Prediction" and "Inference" be used Interchangeably?

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Source: stats
Views: 43
Score: 1
Tags: predictive-models inference terminology

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