Daily update | 05 January, 2022




One Year of dbt

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Author: Adam Boscarino
Claps: 114
Source: data-science
Description: Learn about why Devoted Health chose dbt and the unique aspects of our deployment including our integration with Airflow and custom tooling

Pokémon AI: Gotta Create ’Em All!

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Author: Liam Eloie
Claps: 62
Source: machine-learning
Description: An Epic Journey of Pokémon Generation using Artificial Intelligence

Co-creating with the 🤖

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Author: Arvind Sanjeev
Claps: 61
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: Investigating our new creative relationship with Artificial Intelligence

Top Qualities Hiring Managers Look For In Data Scientist Candidates

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Author: Tessa Xie
Claps: 59
Source: data-science
Description: Some of these are arguably more important than writing efficient code

An Advanced SQL Syntax That Saved Me From Using Python

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Author: Yang Zhou
Claps: 54
Source: data-science
Description: I almost opened my PyCharm at that time


What are the fundamentals of calculating space complexity in loops?

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Source: cs
Views: 378
Score: 4
Tags: algorithms data-structures space-complexity python

How can I know If LASSO logistic regression model is good enough to be feature selection tool?

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Source: stats
Views: 163
Score: 3
Tags: machine-learning logistic feature-selection lasso exploratory-data-analysis

Why is GARCH offering no predictive value?

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Source: stats
Views: 60
Score: 3
Tags: time-series garch volatility

3-D random walk: average distance after N steps

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Source: stats
Views: 11
Score: 2
Tags: random-walk

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