Daily update | 08 January, 2022




New Open Source for Validating and Testing Machine Learning

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Author: Philip Tannor
Claps: 401
Source: machine-learning
Description: Deepchecks Is a Python Package That Helps Build Test Suites for ML Models & Data. Here’s How You Use It

I am Cyberbot, And I Will Destroy Humankind As Soon As I Can Identify A Picture Of A Crosswalk

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Author: Dallin Merrill
Claps: 299
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: As fate would have it, my Artificial Intelligence Domination Plan requires me to get by a CAPTCHA

Recommendation Systems

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Author: Khushboo Mundada
Claps: 284
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: Online stores such as Amazon but also streaming services such as Netflix suffer from information overload. Customers can easily get lost in…

Develop Your Weather Application with Python in Less Than 10 Lines

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Author: Bharath K
Claps: 253
Source: artificial-intelligence
Description: Constructing our weather telecast application with Python to receive updates on the desired location

Big Data in Chemical Industry

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Author: Namosh Achintalwar
Claps: 203
Source: data-science
Description: Chemical engineering has grown significantly as a result of technical advancements and data use. Big data’s insight and integration have…


Is Propensity Score Matching a "MUST" for Scientific Studies?

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Source: stats
Views: 354
Score: 6
Tags: causality propensity-scores matching observational-study

Is NL closed under complemenrt?

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Source: cs
Views: 12
Score: 3
Tags: space-complexity closure-properties

How to solve negative binomial regression?

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Source: stats
Views: 27
Score: 3
Tags: regression optimization negative-binomial-distribution approximation

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