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Internship Experience| Goldman Sachs| Pranav Garg

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Author: MESA, IITGuwahati
Claps: 571
Source: machine-learning
Description: Hi, my name is Pranav Garg, 3rd year undergraduate from the department of mechanical engineering, IIT Guwahati. In this blog, I have shared…

How Hashing is useful in recent technologies?

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Author: Pratham Korade
Claps: 367
Source: data-science
Description: Lets imagine a one situation where you have to send a important document to a person, and it’s very important that it should reach in that…

Experiment without the wait: Speeding up the iteration cycle with Offline Replay Experimentation

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Author: Pinterest Engineering
Claps: 90
Source: data-science
Description: Maxine Qian | Data Scientist, Experimentation and Metric Sciences

Software Is Eating the World, Machine Learning is Eating Software and NLP is Eating Machine…

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Author: Jesus Rodriguez
Claps: 50
Source: data-science
Description: Most software in the world is going to be rewritten with ML as a core component and, within ML, NLP is influencing the direction of the…

How Google is Killing the Data Scientist

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Author: Galen B
Claps: 20
Source: data-science
Description: While working for Google, I realized the Data Scientist as we know it is a breed dying right before my eyes. Machine Learning has advanced…


The "Amazing Hidden Power" of Random Search?

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Source: stats
Views: 1054
Score: 9
Tags: neural-networks sampling optimization stochastic-processes gradient-descent

Percentage change of interval data

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Source: stats
Views: 22
Score: 3
Tags: differences

Interpretation of Non statistically significant coefficient

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Source: stats
Views: 26
Score: 2
Tags: regression statistical-significance least-squares regression-coefficients linear

fast multiplication of power of a matrix by a vector

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Source: cs
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Tags: matrix-multiplication

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