Daily update | 09 April, 2022




How to apply the formula for Shannon entropy to a 4-sided die?

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Source: stats
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Tags: machine-learning entropy

AUROC too high in image classification

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Source: stats
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Score: 3
Tags: machine-learning neural-networks classification cross-validation

Is it wise to always `StandardScaler()` features? [SOLVED]

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Source: datascience
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Score: 2
Tags: python feature-extraction feature-scaling

Prove that $L=\{a^ib^jc^k\ |\ i\neq j,\ i\neq k,\ j\neq k\}$ satisfies the pumping lemma

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Source: cs
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Tags: formal-languages context-free

Multilevel CFA in R (lavaan); Error: No variance within some clusters

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Tags: r multilevel-analysis confirmatory-factor

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