Daily update | 21 June, 2022




Can an irrelevant variable be significant in a regression model?

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Source: stats
Views: 351
Score: 6
Tags: regression statistical-significance least-squares econometrics

Why symmetric trees are not used in xgboost

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Source: stats
Views: 115
Score: 5
Tags: boosting cart

Why is { w | |w| mod 3 = #_a(w) mod 3 } a Regular Language?

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Source: cs
Views: 362
Score: 2
Tags: formal-languages regular-languages automata finite-automata context-free

Using k-means to create labels for supervised learning

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Source: datascience
Views: 23
Score: 2
Tags: clustering unsupervised-learning k-means supervised-learning labels

Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Bernoulli distribution

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Source: stats
Views: 26
Score: 1
Tags: maximum-likelihood inference likelihood

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