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Hello 👋

What is this? A guide book on data science for busy and equally lazy Data Scientists 😄

What does this include? While the book started as a collection of snippets, the plan is to overtime include details about the algorithms, applications, tools, best practices and much more to make this the ultimate guide for a budding or experienced Data Scientists.

Why this? While there are lots of good quality articles on several data science topics, the major downside is that they are scattered across the web. This guide tries to consolidate the most relevant topics into one place.

How to read? As the name suggests, this is a lazy book for lazy people 😄. On a serious note, there is no specific order. Feel free to search for the topic you are interested in and start reading.

How to contribute? Any contribution (typo, error, new topic request, etc) is appreciated. Just create an issue, or start a new discussion on github, and I will be happy to discuss the idea!

How to appreciate? Maybe you can do two things? -- (1) Say hello to me on LinkedIn, and/or (2) Click on the ⭐ @ github? Thnx!

How to cite? Add the following to your bib file,

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-- Mohit Mayank